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A pair of large gold hoop earrings rounded out her daytime outing ensemble.

who don’t keep up with the news might be wondering why Nick Cannon is not the host anymore!

They're actually British Columbia plates (they say "Beautiful British Columbia") which is appropriate because the filming was in Vancouver, but they "Americanized" them simply by replacing "British Columbia" with "Evergreen State" (as seen on Ben's car).

Of course, the Evergreen State is Washington, yet the plate design is obviously British Columbia's and even bears their flag.

The 43-year-old beauty posed up a storm after indulging on some of the local tasty cuisine for lunch.The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl wore a pair of comfy grey Nike trainers and carried a black satin backpack with gold zippered detailing.Tyra opted for a brown smokey matte eye with thin black liner, rosy blush and pale pink glossy lip.Eve is excited to be both alive and nearly six feet tall, but she has a lot to learn about living in the real world - and Casey isn't so sure she has the desire or the patience to teach her. A bit of work here and there and the film could actually be PERFECT!The cars' license plates in the film have very crude modifications to them. RENT the film, actually, BUY the film because whenever your bored or feeling low, this film has enough comedy to make you feel better again.

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