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over an article they published this week regarding allegations of sexual misconduct against the Republican Presidential candidate.The article included descriptions of encounters that Jessica Leeds and Rachel Crooks had with Trump.

Liberal commentators like Bill Press and some Democratic lawmakers, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and California Sen.Other rules being tossed concerned the cable programming service tier rate and broadcast applications and proceedings rules.Bound to get the most attention, though, is ditching the Fairness Doctrine, an idea that was meant to force radio broadcasters into offering as much left-wing political content as they offer right-wing commentary. House Energy and Commerce Committee who requested in June that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chair Julius Genachowski "strike the Fairness Doctrine from the agency's rulebook," the former corporate media executive has announced exactly that today, striking the rule, and 82 others, from the official FCC rulebook... The controversial Fairness Doctrine and 82 other rules governing electronic media were deemed obsolete and, therefore, abandoned by the FCC on Monday.The decision also includes significant reductions in satellite and broadcasting license fees.

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