The jonas brothers dating quiz

There's no chaining you down, you are a free spirit who strives to be the best in all that you do.When it comes down to it, you're a pretty strange individual..the best way possible. While Miley Cyrus‘ choice of her dad Billy Ray Cyrus is intuitive (and may give her team a country edge), we definitely would not have guessed that Joe Jonas would be serving as a mentor for Adam Levine‘s team!“He’s a beautiful man,” Adam joked to in a video explaining why he selected him.In recent times, Damon came back to Mystic Falls after finding what he believed to be a way to finally bring Katherine back.However, after meeting Katherine's descendant and fellow doppelgänger Elena Gilbert, and upon realizing that the former had never loved him, Damon stopped caring for her and started working with his brother to protect Elena and her friends and family from various supernatural threats.Enjoy our games :) The Jonas Brothers are an American pop boy band consists of three brothers: Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas.

Find out which Jonas Brother would fall in love with you. please rate after quiz and tell me how you liked it.

Well if your a boy you probably have to pretend to be a girl then.

Do you want to find out which jonas brother would date you?

“No, I love him and I’ve known him for a long time, and now I love him even more.

He offers very sound advice and I trust his opinion.” “Everyone we’ve worked with is really talented,” Joe added.

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