Managing and validating laboratory information systems

Occurring errors may negatively affect the patient treatment process and clinical decision making.Evaluation on laboratory testing and Laboratory Information System (LIS) may explain the root cause to improve the testing process and enhance LIS in supporting the process.

LIMS features typically include: At PSC, we know that it is vital that a sound approach to validation be taken to ensure that adequate preparation for any potential inspection has taken place, and that these systems will be reliable enough for continued operations in the laboratory.In this case a report of this validation needs to be obtained and archived by the laboratory. to assist clinical and public health laboratories searching for a laboratory information system (LIS) with identifying their system needs and 2.Write an SOP for Validation of Examination Methods and Equipment. Validation of an Examination Method To find out if an examination method provides the information the laboratory expects from that method, the laboratory first has to formulate the performance specifications for that examination procedure.With these performance specifications the laboratory indicates which results the laboratory wants to obtain by performing that examination and what information these results must give. For example: a laboratory uses the smear microscopy method to determine severity of infection with acid-fast bacilli.

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