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In 2000, he left to join Tim Schafer at Double Fine Productions as Art Director on such games as 2005's Psychonauts and 2009's Brütal Legend.Alongside this career in games, he has been involved in comics (including being featured in the comic anthology Flight) and created paintings that have appeared in galleries around the world as well the alternative DVD cover for The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.Hepburn wore the stunning satin number for a photo shoot with William Klein for a 1966 fashion editorial promoting Two for the Road.The clothing will be sold alongside shoes - valued at £1,500 per pair - trinkets and keepsakes beloved by Hepburn, including a cigarette lighter engraved with 'For My Fair Lady', which she received as a gift from the art director from the 1964 film.I did a lot of designs for it, including the characters, and sort of kept the vision intact.Same thing with , you went through several stages of concepts, refining and editing. Scott: Tim Schafer, the head guy at Double Fine, is a total perfectionist.

Special thanks go to Pat Trammell, her care giver, Dr. She was born in the Big Creek Community near Malvern on December 31, 1923 to the late Gordon and Louisa Staggs Cunningham.

She is one of the most fashionable women of all time and still regularly tops best-dressed lists more than two decades after her death.

Now fans of Audrey Hepburn are being given the chance to own a piece of the style icon's effortlessly chic wardrobe.

He also includes a photograph of himself at his desk, and the package everything came in reeks of cologne.

It isn’t clear if he is hitting on me, but I still don’t like it.

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