Free mobile cams

Now you can do e KYC, open new folios, view existing portfolio, check Mutual fund NAVs, set up Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) , opt for Common One Time Mandate (OTM) and do more across Mutual Funds serviced by CAMS through a single, secure gateway.

Please consult your financial advisor, for investment related advice.

However your Mobile Phone operator will charge you for SMS messages sent by you at rates fixed by them for such service. The services currently available are as follows: **Registered Email-ID: To use this service, an email-id must be already registered against the folio.

*Codes: To use the service, you need codes for Mutual Funds and for schemes.

Sign up to enable Cloud Sync and get 200M cloud space for FREE.

Access all the documents anytime on any devices just with the account logged in.

The days of using multiple programs to monitor and tune your PC are over.

Add slomo and fastmo segments, elegant transitions and most importantly, gorgeous title and caption sequences.

A registered mobile number is one that has Since confidential information about your account is sent to you via the SMSBack service, for your own safety we will only add a mobile number to your account under a written and signed instruction.

This service is provided to you at no cost from CAMS or the Mutual Fund.

The easiest way is automatically add all your cameras via "Scan Network" feature available in the app.

After the cameras added, you need to specify cameras username and password.

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